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Monday, April 17, 2006

Back on April 22, 2005, we started Squawk Radio and no one has ever been the same...

Actually, I’m talking about you guys.

Lisa, Liz, Teresa, Connie, Eloisa, and I (Christina Dodd) are all pretty much the same loud, obnoxious, arguing, irksome, opinionated women we always were. On that first day, all of us took a stab at explaining why we six writers were doing such an unique thing as blogging together. Here’s mine. By the way, there’s no use looking back at the comments — at that time, for fear of spammers, we didn’t allow comments.

Who are we at Squawk Radio and why are we blogging together?
Those are questions we often ask ourselves. Actually, we're six published writers of various genres — Lisa Kleypas, Teresa Medeiros, Connie Brockway and I write historical and contemporary, and I also write paranormal. Elizabeth Bevarly writes contemporary series romance and mainstream romance. Eloisa James writes historical romance. Between us we’ve written over a hundred books, we’ve got a lot of awards, and we’re all familiar with the bestseller lists. We email everyday, amusing ourselves and each other.

Or at least amusing ourselves.

We share our woes and our triumphs. The best part about this group?

When one of us surges ahead in publishing, the others are comfortable enough to whine, "But what about me? When do I get to win?" Occasionally if there's too much triumph for one person, the emails will start coming in, "Who are you and why are you emailing me?" or even the succinct, un-subtle, "Bitch." Sometimes the threat will come across email "I'm going to lapse into a sullen silence." That never happens because nobody notices. The rest of us are too busy being entertaining. The truth is, if someone really wants to make everyone cranky, all she has to say is something like, "I've been bicycling and it really works! The weight is just melting away!" I don't want to mention her initials (Teresa Medeiros) but considering some of us have a deadline and are doing nothing but sit in front of the computer (initials Christina Dodd), that is just mean.

How close are we? We talk about our periods. THAT'S the ultimate female bonding.

As you can see, we haven’t changed a lot. We’ve written a few more books, hit a few more bestseller lists (this month our Eloisa James is our reigning bestseller queen!) and been nominated for a few more awards (at least — they have, and I wish them the best of luck whenever I think of it, usually with a heartfelt, “Bite me.”) One thing is for sure — we live to amuse each other and now you. Thank you for being here through our tumultuous first year, and I hope you enjoy the whole week of our classic blogs.

Please remember that every day this week, the daily blogger is giving away an autographed book to a lucky winner picked off the Squawk Radio Bravenet mailing list. Not to influence you unduly, but I’m giving away the best prize (did I mention we're a tiny bit competitive?) — an advanced reading copy of my new contemporary, out in August, TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS. Sign up in the box on the column to the left! No pushing! There’s room for everybody. :)
Christina Dodd, 5:21 PM