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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

For One Special Day, Squawk Radio Welcomes Guest Author Elizabeth Vaughan

Last June, Christina Dodd said, “Geralyn Dawson told me about WARPRIZE by Elizabeth Vaughan, saying it was the best book she’d read for a long time, that it was the author’s first book and that she was fiercely envious over Elizabeth Vaughan’s talent … it is definitely a romance, very intense, the first of a trilogy, and as I read I had the sense of being carried into the beginnings of a myth. It’s set in a different world, but it feels like earth to me, maybe a Germanic country during the Mongolian conquests. Our heroine, Lara, is a princess and a healer, a woman who grew up in a walled city in a castle, and Lara is given to the conqueror, Keir, as a Warprize. Keir is a nomad, and Lara’s thrown into a world of tents, barbarians and women warriors. How she deals with the change and Keir — and how they deal with her — makes fascinating, completely romantic reading … the story is very much a sheik fantasy with a heroine who could have been written by Julie Garwood. Elizabeth Vaughan is an author to watch.”

WARSWORN, the second in the trilogy, is on the shelves this month, and Elizabeth Vaughan has agreed to blog with us. Please welcome Elizabeth Vaughan!
Christina Dodd, 7:39 PM