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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


The Squawkers have a typo policeman, and her name is Teresa Medeiros. The rest of us are slapdash at best. If we misspell a word or forget a period at the end of a sentence ... well, stuff happens. And maybe we forget a whole word, but what can you expect? It's not like we're professionals ...

Wait a minute! We are professionals! So it's good we have Teresa Medeiros to kindly point our mistakes. (The Squawkers give Teresa their best chicken salute.)

But occasionally a typo comes along that is so awful, so horrendous ... so hilarious ... that we don't need Teresa to point it out. This one came to my attention to when my family was getting ready to visit Vancouver BC. My daughter explored tourist attractions on-line (http://research.microsoft.com/~szeliski/Vancouver/) and found this evocative description:

There are wonderful restaurant (and shopping) on Robson Street, just a little north of the hotel. The Courthouse is a beautiful piece of architecture, and the new Pubic Library is also supposed to be impressive.

Impressive indeed.

Even with spellcheck, typos are a way of life. What are the best typos you've ever seen?

Teresa, I wasn't asking you.
Christina Dodd, 12:43 AM