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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Kitty: Right now, this week on the lists, you own the number 11 on the USAToday list and number 15 spot on the New York Times for the Amanda Quick mass market edition of LIE BY MOONLIGHT. So, apparently, the historical romance isn’t quite dead yet. What’s your take on that? What do you think all this strang and durm surrounding historical romance? Where do you see it’s future? In what direction will it evolve?

Jayne: Historical romance is always going to be around. It is a powerful fantasy, one that will continue to attract readers. Like several of the other sub-genres of romance it is starting to be influenced by the psychic/paranormal themes that have become so popular in the contemporary market. SECOND SIGHT is a good example. I'm pretty sure I would never have been able to sell that sucker to a publisher even five years ago because of the heavy psychic element.

Kitty: Your newest book, SECOND SIGHT, is billed as the first in a series of historical mystery romance with a psychic twist. Would that be like, “The Da Vinci Code Whisperer?” Explain yourself, Jayne.

Jayne: Another probing, insightful interview question. My lord, but you're good, Kitty. I mean really good. Now, then, where was I? Oh, yes, SECOND SIGHT. Yep, it's the launch book in a new series featuring the members of The Arcane Society, a secret Victorian-era group devoted to psychic/paranormal research. The heroine, Venetia Milton, is a Victorian photographer who sees people's auras. One night she is a witness to a murder. The only thing she sees is the killer's aura, but that is more than enough to put her life in jeopardy.

Unfortunately for Venetia, she's got an even bigger problem. A while back she had a one-night stand with a hot, dangerous, extremely weird guy. Assuming that Gabriel Jones is conveniently dead, she has been posing as his widow for business reasons. And business has been very, very good.

But there is nothing that will ruin a fine spring morning like having a dead husband come back from the grave. Gabriel is not only seriously annoyed to discover that she has been using his name, it's causing him some major problems. He's the powerful psychic Master of The Arcane Society and he's got some enemies. Hey, how was Venetia to know that when she appropriated his name she would attract the attentions of a psychic killer?'

The biggest secret about the series it that it will cross over into my Krentz contemporaries. The next Arcane Society novel is WHITE LIES (Jan. '07). It will be a contemporary under my Jayne Ann Krentz name. The heroine is a human lie detector. Talk about having a talent that limits your social life!

Kitty: I love a frickin’ SCOOP! Yeah! Take that, Bob Woodward, you rest-on-your-laurels punk! And Squawkers, you guys owe me a whole case of Everclear for this nugget. Thanks, Jayne. I owe you. Hold on. Gotta get it together here. Interview...interview.... oh, yeah.

Do you have any plans for, or desire to, branch out even further a field and, if so, where would that take you? If not, why not? I miss WESTERNS! Oops. This was supposed to be about you. I remember now. Pass me that bottle of tequila, will you?

Jayne: Oh, heavens, let me whip up one of my special Green Ghost Margaritas for you. It'll just take a second. (Sound of blender whirring madly). About my career plans. I think I can say without equivocation that I have never been able to plan any aspect of my writing career. Like certain other things in life, it just happens.

But for now and the foreseeable future I am perfectly content in the romance genre. One of the wonderful things about it is that there is room for a huge variety of stories in this genre and the readers -- unlike those in other genres I could name -- are terrific because they're willing to try new things.

Kitty: What’s your favorite of the books you’ve written?

Jayne: My favorite book is always the one I'm going to write right after I finish the one I'm working on now.

Kitty. Nah-uh. Not that far along yet. I said, “have written” as in present perfect tense, meaning you done it already. Come on, every one has a fair-haired child. Which one is yours?

Jayne: Nope, none. That's the gosh-honest truth. I never look back. Never re-read my own books. I don't know why, but once a story is told, it's over for me.

Kitty: Do you ever have trouble writing a book? I mean, do you ever wake up, look in the mirror, and say, “Ki—“ I mean, “Jayne, there’s a future in some food service industry out there waiting for you?”

Jayne: I have trouble writing every book. None of them is easy. Each one keeps me up at night. Funny you should mention the food service industry, though. I have always told myself that if my writing career goes south I could always go back to being a waitress. I was actually pretty good at waiting tables.

Kitty: I hear you. I still think fondly of my days at Burger Fest in Budapest... What’s the one thing you don’t want me to ask you? Consider it asked. Now, what’s the answer? Come on, Jayne. Don’t make me do all the work here! What is it? What?

Jayne: You don't really want to know where I get my ideas, trust me.

Kitty: I do so! I do! I do! I see another case of Everclear in my future. Give it up, Jayne! The obits? Hypnotic regression? Everclear?

Jayne: Uh, what's Everclear? Some kind of chicken intoxicant?

Kitty: What’s up next for Jayne or Amanda or whoever the hell will be in ascendancy later this year?

Jayne: At the end of this month (May 25) my next Jayne Castle futuristic/paranormal will arrive in stores. The title is GHOST HUNTER.

Kitty: And finally, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT BLOG and whoever those other people are you’re doing it with?

Jayne: Well, I figured blogging was a great thing; a terrific way to keep in touch with readers. But the sad truth is I found out right away that I didn't have the time or energy to keep a blog of my own. So, following the shining example set by the fabulous Squawkers, I got together with Elizabeth Lowell, Stella Cameron and Suzanne Simmons to establish www.runningwithquills.com We hope to learn (okay, steal) every good idea you guys come upwith over here at Squawk Radio.

Kitty: Well, I gotta warn you, cause you been pretty cool about the interview and stuff, if you’re trying to give Squawk a run for the money, it ain’t going to happen. Let’s face it. You just don’t have the name draw, Toots. Cause you don’t got KITTY. (E-mail me. We’ll lunch)

Jayne: Dear Kitty. Sweet Kitty. Have another Margarita...

Kitty: Sure! Then, if you’ll excuse me I got some serious garage sale-ing to do. Jayne Bentley.... Jayne Bentley...

Jayne: While you're guzzling, I'd like to thank you and the Squawkers for the opportunity to squawk here at Squawk Radio. Margaritas on me!
Kitty Kuttlestone, 2:38 PM