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Friday, May 12, 2006



Someone give me the address for Krentz and her crew again.

This is too damn much work for not much recompense. That's right, for the THIRD TIME IN A WEEK (which is three times too many) I have been "asked" to post something, this time an unpdate on what the Squawkers are doing in the next week or so. Why would you care? My question exactly! But on the teeny chance someone out there does give a rat's patoutie, here's the 4-1-1 on the Squawkers (and you can all count yourselves lucky Blogger has an upper limit on its font size otherwise Eloisa would be blowing your hair back with a 400 point headline!)

Roll call!

Xtina Dodd Posts Excerpt of TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS!

The first excerpt of TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS, (August 1), a romantic suspense about family problems, sinful sex … and the jewel heist of the century, is up on my website, and reading the excerpt is a great way to decide if you want to buy the book. Or you could enter Xinta's contest for an advanced reading copy of TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS and win an early read. Better still, you can visit http://www.christinadodd.com and do both!


This month on Teresa's website at www.teresamedeiros.com, you can enter to win a gorgeous framed 8X10 of the artwork for THE VAMPIRE WHO LOVED ME (October 2006) autographed by Teresa herself. And that's just the Grand Prize!

You'll also find an excerpt there and a May newsletter with some more pics from the Levy Authors at Sea tour.

After giving dinner guests a humiliating tour of her "gardens" last night, she has also been inspired to mulch, weed, and actually plant some flowers in the coming week before the Neighborhood Assocation gently asks her to move on.

ADDENDUM: Connie just reminded me that I'll be Guest Blogging Friday May 19th over at http://romantically-inclined.blogspot.com/ with Haven, Michelle the Merry, April, Isabel, Emily and Andrea!

Eloisa posts about her BULLETIN BOARD and her NEW CHAPTER for TAMING OF THE DUKE!

There are two fun new things on my site. The Bulletin Board is up. It's a smaller, lazier place than Squawk...please come over and check it out. We're talking about books, and babies, and Milky Way cakes. Some people are talking about writing, and a lot of people seem to be talking about Mayne.

And then I put up a final chapter of Taming of the Duke. So many people weren't sure when Imogen discovered a certain secret (keeping it obscure in case you haven't read the book), that I wrote another chapter and put it up in my Readers' Pages. Come on by and check it out (
www.eloisajames.com)and then pop into the Bulletin and talk about it!



The good news is that I have the cover and first chapter of my June release from HQN Books, EXPRESS MALE, up on my web site at www.elizabethbevarly.com . The bad news is that that's about the only thing on my web site that's been updated. (Hint: Do NOT enter the contest, since it's, um, a year old. Hey, I've been busy! Doing...stuff. You know how it is. And I'm planning on having a big contest at the end of the month to herald the book's actual release.)

In other news... Well, actually, there is no other news. I'm trying to finish the last book of the spy series, OVERNIGHT MALE, which will be out in May of next year. And I've managed to change out all the winter clothes to summer. And I got a little dusting done. And I'm growing out my bangs. (I know. It amazes me, too, sometimes, the glamourous life I lead.) But hopefully you'll enjoy a little sneak peek at EXPRESS MALE, which will be hitting stores on May 30th.

CONNIE FINISHES HOT DISH! (someone had to use the big font!)

and promises to update her website this week at www.conniebrockway.com
and is blogging tomorrow with www.romantically-inclined.blogspot.com (and our own squawkette HAVEN RICH)
and is expecting Doodah and her new puppy on my doorstep any minute now.



I'm looking forward to "Scandal In Spring" coming out in August, also waiting with great excitement as St.Martin's Press puts my first contemporary novel "Sugar Daddy" into production. And I've started my next Wallflower novel. (A new excerpt is on the "sneak peek" page of my website at www.lisakleypas.com ) It's an interesting experience, going from modern-day Houston back to Victorian-era London--I have written with my contemporary voice for so many months that I wondered if it would be hard to find my historical one again. But once I started, it was like slipping back into my favorite pair of slippers. I love writing Wallflowers!--I'm loading this new one with as many treats and pleasures as I possibly can.
Kitty Kuttlestone, 7:22 PM