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Monday, May 08, 2006

Lisa Fashionista says "Let's go shopping for Mom"

Dear friends,

It's time to help each other find appropriate gifts as Mother's Day approaches--and considering the recipient is the person who went through labor for us, made our lunches, applied bandaids when necessary and dispensed advice until she recognized us as independent adults who can make decisions for oursel--

Ahem. Well, considering the importance of mothers, grandmothers and mother-figures in our lives, we should give them something great this Sunday, along with the heartfelt assurance that we never would have turned out so well had it not been for them.

I have a few suggestions to start us off, but as always, I hope you will add to the list, especially if you know of a present with low expense and big impact!

1. Brown Is Not Boring

Brown is always so overlooked, and yet it does so much for us!-especially the dark chocolately shades that have the drama of black but are so much gentler and warmer. This season, brown is finally being appreciated, in a huge way. Wood accents are hugely popular right now, as well as anything made of natural-looking materials.

2. Hoop Earrings

Classic, sexy and perfect for summer, you can get them in silver or gold in any size you like. But as Xtina and I always say, bigger is better. (We are referring to jewelry, of course.)

3. Mobster Chic

Go for the gold . . . or silver or copper or bronze . . . anything metallic is hugely fashionable, not to mention hugely fun. The trick is not to overdo--just one great metallic accessory for your outfit, two if you can't restrain yourself, and your look is perfect. You can find metallic everywhere, and the wonderful thing is, the cheaper versions look just as great as the expensive ones.

4. Gift Cards

Everyone loves to receive gift cards, but some of us are reluctant to give one out of fear it will represent a lack of forethought or imagination. So buy a little something extra to go with it . . . tuck a Starbucks card inside a cute mug, for example, or accompany a Borders card with a little clip-on reading light.

5. Movie Night

A basket containing a bag of unpopped gourmet popcorn, a DVD or two, maybe a pair of slippers--who doesn't like movie night? Especially if the DVD has some scenes worth replaying a few times. In private. Heh heh.

So those are my suggestions, dears, and I know you must have some great ideas too! Do not hesitate to let us know about great bargains or ideas . . . and tell us of any particularly enjoyable presents you may have received in the past!
Lisa Kleypas, 6:43 AM