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Monday, May 15, 2006

Liz Announces Squawk's Latest Guest Chick!

I met Christie Ridgway a decade ago, shortly after she sold her first book, THE WEDDING DATE, to Silhouette's now-defunct Yours Truly line. Back then, our sons (her youngest, my only) were preschool aged, and Christie was planning a birthday party for hers. But the Ridgways were in the midst of having a pool installed, and there were huge piles of dirt in their backyard, something a lot of moms (:::koff koff::: ME :::koff koff:::) might have seen as a bit of a hindrance, party-wise. But not Christie. Christie simply decided the party theme would be Dino Dig. She buried plastic dinosaurs in the dirt, provided the party-goers with pith helmets and shovels, and a good time was had by all. I knew right away that this was a woman who A) was creative, B) was lotsa fun, and C) knew how to show people a good time.

What I didn't realize until I read her first book (and every book thereafter) was that this was true not just of Christie's personality, but also Christie's books. Her stories always delight me, surprise me, and make me laugh out loud. As BookPage says, her books are "crammed with smart girls, manly men, great sex and fast, funny dialogue." Her new book, THE CARE AND FEEDING OF UNMARRIED MEN, out this month, upholds the tradition, when society columnist, “Party Girl” Eve Caruso, butts heads (and other interesting body parts) with monster truck driver and businessman Nash Cargill, aka “The Preacher.”

Oh. Boy.

So join me in welcoming Christie Ridgway to Squawk Radio. She's blogging solo tomorrow, then joining the rest of the Squawkers on Wednesday and Thursday, as well. Thanks for visiting with us, Christie!
Elizabeth Bevarly, 5:48 PM