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Monday, May 22, 2006

Liz Says, What the !@#$%...?

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What the !@#$% is going on over at the Running with Quills blog? You know, the one by megasellers Jayne Ann Krentz and Stella Cameron and Elizabeth Lowell and Suzanne Simmons and Lori Foster? The one that's got that tasteful and elegant (if completely lacking in chicken whimsy) color scheme going? And also some hunky guy with these incredible blue eyes that I'd probably recognize if I ever got out of the house any farther than Kroger and Lowe's?

Anyway, has anyone visited over there lately? They've got this blog up saying they've bribed Kitty--OUR Kitty Kuttlestone--and will be doing something shady with Squawk Radio tomorrow. Check it out:


I mean, can you imagine? Thinking they could get away with something like hijacking OUR blog by promising Kitty a couple of measly margaritas? Thinking they can actually BRIBE Kitty Kuttle--


I gotta warn the other Squawkers. Damn. I hope this isn't Terri's Bunco night. Or Christina's pinochle night. Or Eloisa's Sisters of Roma night. Or Lisa's Reading to Adorable Children night. Or the night Connie goes out drinking with the crew of the Nimitz...
Elizabeth Bevarly, 9:24 PM