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Monday, June 26, 2006

Christina Dodd says IT’S A GUY THING

I don’t want to startle anyone with my revolutionary statement but — men are different than women. For instance:

I have no idea who thought this up, but I know it had to be a man.


Okay, I admit, I cackled, but once again, I’m pretty sure a guy thought that up.

And finally, while my husband and I were shopping in Home Depot, on the end of one of the rows they had a toilet set up as a display, and the sign bragged, “Guaranteed to flush twenty-four golf balls!” To which my husband said … well, never mind what he said, but he said it loud enough that the lady in front of us turned around and glared in affront.

My point is — when I talking about it to our oldest friends, Jerry and Donna, I ranted, “So who tested this? Who are they trying to appeal to? Constipated golfers?” and Jerry said, “Well, Christina, I’d buy the toilet just so I could try flushing twenty-five golf balls.”

Jerry’s a guy. Such a guy. Like my husband. Like all the guys you’ve met.

What guy-things have you seen that mystify you? What does your guy-friend admire that you think is weird? What about your brother, your husband, your co-worker? Does he want to flush twenty-five golf balls? And most important — how did we get put on the same planet with these creatures who think such weird guy-thoughts?
Christina Dodd, 12:39 AM