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Monday, June 19, 2006

Confessions of Kathryn Caskie, Wedding Crasher

I crashed a wedding once.

Oh, not the Vince Vaughn sort of wedding crash where the goal is come home with a hot body to dance the horizontal Macarena with all night.

Nope. In fact I was already at a wedding reception in the same hotel. Only I had tired of flapping the Chicken Dance and trying to figure out how to manage the Electric Slide without have my toes crushed by the bride’s portly father. Besides, the music was much better down the hall...so what’s a girl to do?

Well, duh. Crash.

Some people loathe weddings. Who honestly looks forward to eating bad food, or chatting with crazy Great Aunt Gertrude about incontinence? Of course there is champagne. Still, to many, a wedding is not celebration but rather an obligation. Sort of sad, isn’t it?

I love weddings. When the bride and groom stare in one another’s eyes, (insert audible sigh here) they see the Happily Ever After romance authors write about. Their world is full of possibility. Of love.

But what romance author doesn’t love weddings?

When a group of my readers in Florida carried out a dedicated letter-writing campaign begging me to marry off the elderly, matchmaking Featherton sisters, how could I possibly refuse? I loved the idea, and knew that Love Is in the Heir, the last book in my Featherton sisters quartet for Warner Books was just the story to carry off four weddings (and almost a funeral).

The book hit the shelves on June 1st. The timing of the release was almost kismet really. Because you see, June 1st was also my wedding anniversary. My um...22nd anniversary.

Of course, I was married at 12. My husband to be and I met in grade school (not college—that’s only a nasty rumor).

At least that is my story, and I am sticking to it.

You know, it’s interesting though, when I ask a couple how they met, more often than not, they tell me it was a wedding.

So that go me to wondering....

How did you meet your true love? Do you have a hilarious, sweet, or crazy story about the first time you laid eyes...or hands on each other?

The bloggers with the top five most memorable moments (chosen by moi, Kathryn Caskie) will each win a signed copy of Love Is in the Heir. So come on, dish!
Christina Dodd, 6:17 PM