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Monday, June 19, 2006

Every once in a while an author comes along who creates their own niche -- and consequently rockets to the top of the heap in a matter of a book or two. Kathryn Caskie is one of those authors. There are a lot of people writing Regency romance, but no one writing in Kathryn's niche, because she's the only one there!

So what's that niche? Let's put it this way: who else would write a book about a young woman who created a cream that made ladies feel utterly delicious ... down there (that was the plot of Lady in Waiting)? In her newest book, LOVE IS IN THE HEIR, the Earl of Devonsfield needs to name an heir, but his nephews are twins ˆ and no one knows which one came first. In short, there's a reason why Romantic Times BOOKClub keeps giving Kathryn such high rankings and talking about originality and humor: she is tremendously gifted at setting up slightly daft, entirely funny plots.

Tomorrow, let's welcome Kathryn Caskie to Squawk Radio!
Christina Dodd, 5:59 PM