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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lisa says "Greetings from Planet K"

Xtina says down below that she's got a home improvement project going . . . well I'LL show you home improvement!!!

Welcome to Planet Kleypas . . . a barren, desolate wasteland incapable of sustaining any recognizable life form. Scores of optimistic (or is that opportunistic?) landscapers have assured us that with enough time (lots of time) and money (lots of money) this dry and unforgiving land will be turned into a lush green paradise complete with lawn, stone steps, a fountain, flowers and trees. Will keep you posted.

There is nothing inspiring about the view from my window. But I remind myself of the immortal words of EM Forster, who knew that interior landscapes are richer and far more beautiful than anything to be found outside the territory of the human heart. I thump my chest wtih one fist and chant, "HERE is where the sky is blue. HERE is where the birds sing . . ."

Lisa Kleypas, 11:08 AM