Squawk Radio

Monday, June 26, 2006


I realize you guys probably thought this was a pic of us gals at SQUAWK RADIO when you first glanced at it but it was the Comments under Xtina's blog below about male behavior that prompted this post.

I have to confess that it doesn't bother me one whit if my husband eats at Hooter's restaurant. (Of course I like it even more when he takes me because I love their chicken wings.) I'm just not threatened by fake tans, tight t-shirts and girls who wear panty hose with their short-shorts and are all named Tiffany, Brandi, Bambi or some variation thereof. As a matter of fact, if you talk to those girls, they're usually pretty nice and are probably just trying to make some extra money or earn their way through medical/law school. (And you just have to admire a restaurant that attracts patrons by having girls hula hoop outside the front door.)

I also don't mind it when my husband does a double take if a pretty (translate: stacked) girl walks by either. I guess I'm just confident enough to believe that any man would have to be an idiot to leave me. That's just the way my daddy raised me. What's the old saying? I don't mind if my husband looks at the menu while he's out as long as he eats at home? (Shut up, Xtina. That wasn't meant to be as naughty as it sounded.)

So this is my question for you? Are you the jealous type? Do you consider it disrespectful if your husband or boyfriend ogles a pretty girl over his chicken wings? Or do you think it's okay as long as you reserve the right to do the same if Rod Steele shows up in your backyard to do some landscaping?
Teresa Medeiros, 3:57 PM