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Sunday, June 25, 2006


While Liz is on vacation (let’s all let her know how happy we are for her … ftttpppp!), I thought in lieu of her music blog, I would bring you up to date on the state of my house. As many of you recall, I build a new home last year in the coastal mountains of Washington state. The view is gorgeous, we love our home, and the actual ordeal of building was awful. The yard — well, we describe it as Mordor. We’ve got pallets of rock and piles of gravel sitting around everywhere, and no matter how much we work, it seems like there’s more to do.

But finally, we’re making a couple of huge steps forward. We have guy working in our back yard, and one in our front yard (and no, Connie, that is not a euphemism.)

In the front, our concrete man is preparing to pour the walk. Yes, that’s right. We have a gorgeous, handmade, black walnut front door and a broad front porch, but you have to walk through Mordor to get there. And in the back, we have a guy building a dry stack rock wall with huge boulders. Maybe some of you remember him, he’s worked for us before. His name is Rod Steele.

The photo is our backyard, and just think, it's looking better. So strip off your garden gloves, put down your shovel, sit in the porch swing, and tell us — how are your home improvement projects going?
Christina Dodd, 12:55 AM