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Monday, July 17, 2006


I was recently at an event for romance writers at which an editor, asked about what the new "hot" trend might be, suggested that vampires might be biting the dust--EXCEPT when created by master writers such as our own Teresa (who was specifically cited by this editor!). She felt that chick lit might be morphing into something other than 20-year-old girls who can't get their rent check together: essentially while really amazing chick lit writers will continue to write in that genre, others probably will move to a different genre.

It started me thinking about trends in writing. I distinctly remember being at an event quite a few years ago with a whole panel of editors who emphatically agreed that parnormal wasn't selling. Ha! Hello, Buffy (and lord knows what other creative trends) and suddenly paranormal is the only way to go. And frankly, though vampires may wane, I don't see our interest in paranormal going away.

So here's my question. I don't think any of us know which way the trends in fiction might be going -- although I have to say that I would welcome Westerns back to the table! But we can see which way trends in popular culture are going. What do you see happening in pop culture these days? How might the obsession with reality shows influence fiction? I'm thinking that pirates are due for a come-back -- which suggests gorgeous, swashbuckling adventures on the high seas!

What do you think? What's hot right now in pop culture -- and how might that fascination translate into fiction?
Eloisa James, 8:06 AM