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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Eloisa on THE RITAS (and other tragedies)

The Squawkers are all wandering home today, our faces glum, our toes hurting (those heels!), our hearts....well....not exactly broken. But the sad truth is that the Squawkers were SHUT OUT of the RITAs! I took a picture of Connie at the exact moment it was announced that neither of us had won. I'm holding it for ransom at the moment...any more snide remarks from Ms. Brockway and I'll post it for the world to see!

I know we've been hopeless bloggers this week. Between us we gave two keynote speeches, nine workshops/panels, seven booksignings, one TV show (Christina), one radio show (Eloisa), attended too many parties, drank too many glasses of champagne to count, and danced wildly into the wee hours to Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

In short....we're a little tired, but I do believe that Kitty is coming by tomorrow and we'll start to post pictures!

Eloisa, signing off to fly back to Florence
Eloisa James, 12:30 PM