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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Hi everybody!

I'm sorry we dropped the ball yesterday - I was supposed to do something but...sob!...my computer broke somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. So that keynote speech I had to give...the one on Channeling Jane Austen?...well, I actually channeled Jane. Because if she had to give a keynote, she wouldn't have a typed speech to read aloud would she? No! She would have to give a forty-five minute speech from a hand-written list of six bullet points. And she would probably have gone ten minutes over too, just from the pure exuberant enthusiasm of speaking off the cuff and having no one go to sleep.

How am I writing to you now, you might ask? I took a cab to Comp USA where it was determined that my under-warranty Toshiba is dead as the proverbial doornail. No problem! The intrepid international businesswoman (because that's the role I was playing, what with the cab waiting outside and all) buys a new laptop -- anything but a Toshiba and heads back to the hotel.

Why is it that computers break ONLY when you really need them? Why would it break on an international flight when I had to give a keynote? Don't say I'm cursed...has this happened to any of you? Disasters at the last minute? Howls of unfairness echoing up to the heavens? Tears? Grinding of Teeth? Frantic calls to a husband a continent away?

Tell me I'm not alone!

Yours, The Tech Cursed Romance Writer
Eloisa James, 8:16 AM