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Thursday, July 27, 2006

If you were at the Romance Writers of America Conference...

You would spend your evenings at a party. In fact, some people (like the Squawkers) like to go to three or four parties in one night. Parties thrown by friends, by publishers, by agencies... Things can get really exciting as the evening wears on.

So would you expect to see:

1) Liz eat an entire jar of poppycock and then threaten to throw up in a 38 story glass elevator?

2) Lisa developed such an unnatural passion for DOG: Bounty Hunter that she told all the New York editors about the show?

3) Terri take off her shoes and parade around the hotel, up and down the elevators, in her bare feet?

4) Christina drink eight champagne cocktails and became very very very...chatty?

5) Connie put a chicken hat on her head and do a surprisingly sexy can can?

6) Eloisa spray on fake tan, deliberately leaving an untanned spot -- where?

Yes, it's been an exciting conference so far! So who do you think really did the above? And, for the bonus round, who did this:

Boast, in the presence of three New York editors that she'd slept with a man who looked just like Clive Owen and in fact, it might have been him. In fact, it probably was.

Bonus Bonus Round:

What did the New York editors say?
Eloisa James, 11:28 PM