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Monday, July 31, 2006


Okay. Who wrote that headline? Is that you Brockway, trying to be cute? Well, toots, I got no reporting. Last I remember being in the conference hotel I was thinking I was having an awful lot of trouble finding a "Companion for the Evening" so I just walked as far away from the Tower of Estrogen as I could and wham! no more problem. But, ah, well, the upshot is that I never did make it back to the hotel.

And the Squawkers came up with a big fat ZERO for the Ritas? Wow. Color me amazed (pffft)

And Xtina got a big fat standing O for her little speech? (double pfft)

So, you guys are gonna have to fill me in. The good news (again...pfft) is that the squawkers are never without cameras to take pictures of their glamorous selves (and yet again---pfft) so let's see 'em!

Liz, having forgotten to take her camera to every single function she attended, instead posts the Good News/Bad News from Atlanta:

Good News: Didn’t gain any weight while at conference.
Bad News: Didn’t gain any Ritas while at conference.

Good News: Got lots and lots of free books.
Bad News: Got lots and lots of free blisters.

Good News: Didn’t have too much to drink and wake up next to a Teamster.
Bad News: Had too much to drink and woke up SOUNDING like a Teamster.

Good News: Developed new addiction to these lovely, healthful yogurt/granola parfaits for breakfast everyday.
Bad News: Developed new addiction to this banana/puff pastry/whipped cream/drizzled chocolate dessert at Dailey’s which would be even better for breakfast everyday.

Good News: Got to hear Xtina’s wonderful, inspiring luncheon speech.
Bad News: Had to listen to Kitty complain about the dearth of sailors in a landlocked city.

Good News: Had MUCH better abs than the rest of the Squawkers and took pride in pointing that out.
Bad News: Got smacked around a lot by the rest of the Squawkers.

But the best news is that I got to meet a lot of the Squawk Radio visitors and found them delightful! And boy, was the conference fun.


1) Dreaming that Keifer was my boyfriend and had invited me to attend the Emmys with him... (Oh, wait...were these supposed to be conscious moments?)

2) Watching Christina finally get the Big "O"! Um...that would be the standing
ovation she received from the 2100 listeners after her "Sidewalk of Success" luncheon speech. Being ever modest (in a Han Solo way), when I grabbed her for a hug as she descended from the lofty perch of the podium and whispered, "You nailed it", she just grinned and said, "I know."

3) Doing the can-can at a party with a chicken hat on my head

4) Meeting so many amazing Squawkees at the Squawkee luncheon arranged by Melissa. Biting the heads off of PJ's chocolate chickens while cuddling Sarah's crocheted chicken.

5) Dancing like a wild woman at the Harlequin Party and singing every single line of Meat Loaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" at the top of my lungs with 300 other authors
Kitty Kuttlestone, 9:19 AM