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Monday, July 03, 2006


This is a view taken yesterday from inside one of my cherry trees. My husband and I woke up yesterday with plans to take it easy. It was going to be hot and humid and generally airless. But clever us, instead we took a leisurely stroll to the cherry trees in the back. Bad move.

Within five minutes we were back, faces set with grim determination, bowls at ready, sweat already starting to pop. Because the cherries, over night, had ripened. And if you knew my husband, you would realize that NOTHING GOES TO WASTE. So instead of lolling in the shade , we spent the day thrashing about in the cherry trees. As you can see, my little dwarf pie cherry tree took to heart the biblical adage, be fruitful (thank god it can't multiply--it's a graft.)

We picked a dozen bowls this big.

By the time we'd finished picking and pitting them we had over eighty cups of fruit and were coated in a fine spray of sticky cherry juice. All I can say is whoever said "life is a bowl of cherries," didn't pit them!

So how about you? Are the lazy, hazy days of summer exhausting the hell out of you, too?

UPDATE: Here's a picture of the fruit of our labors, the remains of cherry cobbler I made yesterday afternoon and which we will finish off this evening-- assuming anything is left after I wander through the kitchen in about ten minutes.
Connie Brockway, 9:52 AM