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Friday, July 21, 2006

What a world, what a world.

First before I get into the reporting of non-business, you may have noticed that I've never let Brockway chickenify me. Luanne, girl, demand your body back. I mean, I can understand why this is no great come-down for the likes of, say, Medeiros and James, but really, you --like me-- got nothing to hide beneath feathers.

Okay, on with the news. Once again the SQUAWKERS are demanding I update you all on the fabulous and glorious events that account for less than .000001 % of their collective lives. So here goes:

First the only news of real interest:

Melissa has somehow been talked into coordinating an official Squawkee Lunch at the RWA conference in Atlanta for posters to get to know each other. The Squawkers eho are all planning on recovering from...what, Kleypas? Oh. The Squawkers who were already over-committed before Melissa came up with this brilliant plan will try to drop by. Will I be there? Ha! It's before sunset, sweethearts. The Kitty don't prowl til after dusk!

When: Friday July 28th 12 PM
Where: Allie's Restaurant in the Marriott Marquis

If any of you would like to join the party, please e-mail Melissa at: teadrinker56@yahoo.com so she'll know how many to make reservations for. Thanks to Melissa for coordinating!


Liz checking in late, and with not a lot to report. I have the artwork for my September Blaze, MY ONLY VICE, so here's that. It's very pretty, I think. In it, recently displaced big city cop Sam Maguire thinks small town florist Rosie Bliss might be selling more than flowers from her shop. And indeed her side line business offers some potent pleasures... (To give it that Eloisa spin.)

And I, too, will be in Atlanta next week. I'll be signing at the Literacy Signing Wednesday night, and again at a Harlequin signing on Saturday at 2:30. So be sure to stop by! I'll also be speaking on two PAN panels, one with the other Squawkers on group blogging, and one on changing publishers.

AND I just mailed off Lila's book to conclude the OPUS quartet, OVERNIGHT MALE. It will be out in May '07.

Eloisa here...that would be Eloisa of the perfectly feathered, perfectly aerodynamic, ready for the Conference Squawk body, thank you very much Kitty! Anyway, now that I've made that little point, I'm trying to remember what's going on the .00001% of my life that isn't trying to figure out What Jane Austen Knew so that I can give a speech on it next Wednesday. Next WEDNESDAY? Panic! Panic! Panic! OK....it turns out there's only .000000005% left after nerves are taken away, and I'm spending most of that imagining myself holding my RITA while Connie sobs (quietly, of course). I will pat her, I promise all of you that. I'm of a generous disposition. Meanwhile, I am busy torturing the Bon-Bon Girls on my BB. These sweet things want me to marry the Earl of Mayne to Josie...am about to post the back cover copy of Pleasure for Pleasure, and cause paraxysms of excitement. I can't tell the other totally exciting thing until Monday (after the Wall Street Journal breaks the story)...maybe Teresa will drop a hint or two because it involves both of us! Check out my site or hers early next week for details.

News? Kitty, honey, I have news!
Rod Steele has been working at my house again! And he’s gorgeous! (Christina Dodd hears the distant roar of Kitty’s Harley.)
I’ve posted a video for TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS on my all-new, redesigned website in the “Members Only” section. Join my mailing list and check it out!
TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS got a boxed, starred review from Booklist — “Dodd will dazzle readers with this fabulously fun tale of danger, desire and diamonds, which features yet another winning combination of the author's trademark smart and snappy writing, delightfully original characters, and deliciously sensual romance."
TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS is on the shelves August 1 — unless you’re going to the National Conference in Atlanta, where it will be sold on July 26 at the Autographing for Literacy, and given away at my luncheon speech. Be there!
Did I mention Rod Steele has been working at my house again?
Kitty, leave him alone!
Rod, you’d better put your shirt back on.


You guys know that Kitty is just jealous because she ALREADY has chicken legs. I'm celebrating the redesign and relaunch of my website this month at www.teresamedeiros.com by giving away not one but TWO ARC's of my upcoming October release THE VAMPIRE WHO LOVED ME. You can enter to win on my Contest Page.

I've cleaned up the website design and added excerpts for all of my books except the first four. (Must retype those since they were originally written on ancient Apple IIC!) I've also added a mini-media kit for my dear friends in the press.

The most exciting thing I have planned in the upcoming week is heading to Atlanta for the RWA conference. Hope to see many of you there at the literacy signing and hope to be-bop by the Squawkee Luncheon to say hello! And yes, Eloisa has a secret. And yes, it's my secret too. But if you lean REALLY close next week, we'll try to let you in on the scooop ;)


Mostly I've been working on some promotions for the upcoming HOTDISH including a video soon to be seen on my new, cross platformed website --- thanks, Molly! IN addition, I've turned in and had accepted the second of my contemporary books, another "Here I am and why is that?" book. It's already got a title, SKINNY DIPPING.

I've also been working, alongside Molly, okay somwhere to the side and about four steps below, to launch the new SQUAWK BLOG.

Along with these other ladies, I'll be at RWA in Atlanta and signing at the literacy book thingie on Wednesday. Unhappily, my plane isn't getting in until late in the afternoon so I won't be there at start time, but probably closer to 6:00 or so. Please look for my place, though, becasue Xtina has promised to set out some HOTDISH postcards.

On Friday, I must swing by Melissa's SQUAWK lunch. What fun! I hope to see you there!

And I've got Saturday night blocked for consoling Eloisa. Because that's the sort of hairpin I am.

Lisa's SCANDAL :

Kitty, dear, I'm going to the RWA conference in Atlanta too! I'll be at the Avon booksigning on Friday morning, autographing copies of my July 25 release : Scandal In Spring. It's the latest (but not final) book in the Wallflower series, which I've decided to extend for three more books. I've been busy writing the next Wallflower book, and I've just learned that my first hardcover contemporary novel, Sugar Daddy, will be released in March '07. St Martins Press, my new publisher, has some really exciting plans for the books promotion, including an author tour, so I'll let you know more about that as I find out! In the meantime, I hope my readers will enjoy Scandal In Spring. And please don't forget to check out the new Wallflower video on my website!
Kitty Kuttlestone, 9:09 AM