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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Xtina Dodd Celebrates America's Independence Day with Photos of her Concrete

And I know you all will only look at the concrete and not the gleaming, muscled half-naked bodies of the guys who did the pour. Because that's the kind of strong, independent women you are.

First up -- they were pouring our front steps. Xtina, you're thinking, you've been in your house for almost a year? How have you been getting to your front porch?

Well, see, there's been SEA OF MUD which turned into this FLOATING MOUND OF DIRT ... what's that? Stop yelling? Oh, sorry. Anyway, in the first shot, I tried to give you a sense of what an effort it is to get concrete into my front yard. Then we get to the good stuff -- the actual concrete workers. I mean, the actual concrete.

God bless America!
Christina Dodd, 11:20 AM