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Monday, August 28, 2006

Christina Dodd asks WHO WOULD YOU SLEEP WITH?

My college-age daughter was just home for a visit before school started. We were listening to my iPod, to the soundtrack from RETURN TO ME. It includes a lot of really romantic songs, most of them sung by Dean Martin — if you’re not familiar with him, the man had a warm, relaxed style. Plus one of our favorite movies is BELLS ARE RINGING starring Dean Martin, and in his youth, he was one fine man — tall, dark, handsome, with a wonderful brooding face and charm oozing from every pore. The combination of good looks and that warm (did I mention warm?) easy voice made me confess, “I would have slept with him.”

To which my daughter said, “Yeah, but I would have to say I’d prefer Paul Newman. Not just any Paul Newman, though. Paul Newman at the exact moment when he made THE LONG HOT SUMMER, when he was on-screen with those fabulous blue eyes and his boxer shorts with his perfectly sculpted chest and those thighs …” She sort of went into a coma at that point.

Until I pointed out my mother, her grandmother, always said that Paul Newman could put his shoes under her bed anytime. And quite frankly, he could cook his spaghetti sauce in my kitchen anytime.

Yes! Yes! I know. I’m happily married. Not only that, but Dean Martin is dead and Paul Newman is seventy-nine and has been married for almost sixty years.

But these affairs aren’t real affairs. They’re the imaginary, guilt-free, “a hot guy transcends generations and reality” affairs. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about, because you know you do.

Johnny Depp, anyone? Jake Gyllenhaal? Johnny Depp? Sean Connery? Johnny Depp? Colin Firth? Russell Crowe (in Gladiator)? Johnny Depp? Gerard Butler? Johnny Depp? Pierce Brosnan? Johnny Depp? Harrison Ford (in Indiana Jones) (or Star Wars)?

Johnny Depp?

If you could have an imaginary, guilt-free, “a hot guy transcends generations and reality” affairs — who would you sleep with?

Only one per customer, pls.
Christina Dodd, 12:39 AM