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Monday, September 04, 2006

Liz Welcomes Toni Blake to Squawk Radio!

I met Toni Blake through Ohio Valley Romance Writers, the Cincinnati Chapter of RWA. It was :::mufflemuffle:: years ago. Like, lots of years ago. Like I think we were in fourth grade or something when we met. The first thing I noticed was that Toni has really great hair. Then I noticed she has really great clothes. Then I noticed she totally gets the whole accessorizing thing. At some point, I also discovered she's a really talented wordsmith and a truly wonderful friend. Since that first meeting in Ohio, she's become my regular breakfast buddy at every RWA National conference and my favorite writer every time she has a book out. (She's also got this fabulous pair of boots I covet most shamelessly.)

Anyway, that's the unofficial bio. Here's the official one:

Toni Blake knew she wanted to be a writer from the age of ten, when she announced it to her mother over the breakfast table, then promptly proceeded to write her first novel, nineteen notebook pages long. Toni continued writing as she grew up, but it wasn’t until much later that she seriously pursued her dream. After having over forty short stories and articles published in literary and writing publications, Toni discovered romance novels in 1995 and knew immediately that this was what she was supposed to write. Since then, Toni has sold books to Kensington, Harlequin, Warner Books, NAL, and is currently writing for Avon. She has also been a recipient of the Kentucky Women Writers Fellowship and was a nominee for the prestigious Pushcart Prize for literary fiction. Toni lives in Kentucky with her husband and enjoys traveling, genealogy, various crafts, and, of course, reading.

See? I TOLD you she's talented. So be sure and stop by Squawk Radio tomorrow (or later today for those of you on the other side of the International Date Line--you know who you are) for a visit with Toni Blake!
Elizabeth Bevarly, 9:56 PM