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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Posted by PicasaELOISA'S KITTENS. Every once in a while, one of us has posted a picture of our pets. Today we thought we'd do something of a round-up, mostly because I am so in love with our new kittens that I'm boring the Squawkers to death talking about them. It turns out that Rosie (the little long-haired one) was separated from her mother too soon and she's not so great at cleaning herself. She does the necessities, but ignores the rest (kind of like my children, now I think of it). At any rate, Charlie finds this of great concern. He keeps himself sleek and shining at all times. So, after a week or so, he took over Rosie's toilette. He pins her down and washes her from head to foot. You can tell from her expression that she doesn't exactly love it...but she doesn't try to get free either. In fact, her expression resembles that of my 12-year-old when I'm brushing his hair.
Eloisa James, 12:53 PM