Squawk Radio

Saturday, September 30, 2006

We'll be watching for you!


If you have Squawk Radio bookmarked with the link: http://squawkradio.blogspot.com/, you'll need to change it to http://www.squawkradio.com/ to reach the new site.

In order to welcome the new and celebrate the old, we're doing our SQUAWK HOUSEWARMING with give-aways.

To the first three people who signed up on our old list, the latest book by each of the squawkers, autographed and shipped to whatever address you'd like (and don't ask me who they are yet because THAT'S A SURPRISE! and you'll have to look to see if you're one of them) then, for three lucky people who register at our new blog site, we'll be picking names from the new list at random throughout the day for the same prize and posting those winners, too!

In addition, whenever the mood hits, a squawker will pick a name from the new list for a special, special prize !! (okay, think decoder ring and remember "special" is a relative term!) So check in often to see if your name has been selected and to tell us where to ship your "significant" prize!

Finally, we're really excited about this move and we hope that when you visit the new blog, you check out the FAQs page, wander through the author's bios, and look up the events calendar. Most of all we want this to be a place you want to visit often... so here's the million dollar question? What topics, subject matter, whatever, would YOU like to see us blog about more often?
Connie Brockway, 1:04 PM