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Friday, September 08, 2006


So Baby Suri has finally come out of the proverbial nursery closet. (And isn't she a beauty! Look at that mouth. I think she looks just like her mom! And speaking of mouths, has anyone seen the pout on Brangelina's baby? Oy!)

Despite all of their other oddities (like setting back the science of psychiatry 100 years), did anyone else think that Tom and Katie had a perfect right to keep their baby under wraps from the press? If I was a celebrity, I'd be so worried about kidnapping threats that I'd probably NEVER allow my kid to be photographed.

There has to be a compromise between making them walk around with a blanket over their head until they're 19 a la Michael Jackson with little Prince Michael and Paris Michael and poor little "Blanket" and plastering shots from their delivery all over the front of the National Enquirer.

So what do YOU think? Squawking Minds want to know!

Teresa Medeiros, 8:47 AM